Post #3:Pretend Play & Magical Thinking

Pretend play and imaginative thinking are essential in early education. Imagination is a cognitive skills that needs practice! Children take their existing body of knowledge and manipulate it to make it their own. Pretend play is a great way for children to express themselves, what they are thinking and what they are feeling. It’s also a whole lot of FUN!

photo credit Nimra

Timothy was soaring up above the clouds on Hairy the magical broomstick when he suddenly started to hear thunder! BANG CRACK SNAP went the lightening as he tried his best to not fall. Looking down Timothy saw Hairy’s head slowly falling beneath the clouds onto the ground. Oh no, the lightening broke Hairy! Decapitated and freezing on the dirty snow, waiting to be saved, “At least I have my hair to keep me warm”, thought positive Hairy as he looked up at the clouds missing home.

photo credit Rhema

This is Owly. Owly likes to play with his brothers and help his mother look for food. He loves candles and his favorite scent is peppermint as it reminds him of the herb garden in his old home. Owly is feeling heartbroken today; his best friend, Calli, is leaving to Paris. Soaring anxiously, on his way to give Calli her going-away present, he did not pay attention to the big branch ahead. CRASH! “Ouchh” cried Owly. Not only was his heart broken, but he also scratched his wing! “My mother told me to pay attention, now I know exactly what she meant!”

photo credit Heather

HEY! Wanna play with my new ball? His name is Terry, he’s super bouncy, he loves to play, and he looooooves yogurt parfaits. My Humans bought Terry and his brothers for me from the store..SQUIRREL!……….Sorry about that. Terry and I love to play outside in the yard. Sometimes the humans try to separate us but I ALWAYS go get him.Terry is a gentleman and never looks when I have to poop. At the end of a long day Terry’s favourite thing to do is cuddle.

photo credit Nejood

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

In the corner sitting straight and tall

Morning comes and it’s time to be on my way

Oh Mirror, mirror what is it that you say?

Oh human you look beautiful I swear

Beautiful I say with your face just bare

Oh mirror, mirror what is it that you say?

I swear you look beautiful just the way you are

Are you SURE I don’t need make-up to look like a star?

Oh human, when will you learn?

It’s the beauty from within that makes the heart yearn


Texture describes how the surface of an objects feels (Fox & Schirrmacher, 2012). Children enjoy experimenting with sensory activities that appeal to their sense of touch. Our magical ball, owl, broom, and mirror all have distinct textures.

Fox, J. E., & Schirrmacher, R. (2014). Art and creative development for young children(8th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Delmar.


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