Post #2: Artists from around the Globe!

Let’s talk balance, also referred to as equilibrium. In the visual arts when we discuss balance we are talking about how artists use colour, shapes, space and composition to create harmony in their work (Fox & Schirrmarcher, 2014). For example an artist may choose to balance a dark colour with a lighter one or a large shape with smaller ones. Balance is a very creative element of design as you need to plan how you want people to perceive your work and how you are going to achieve it.

The four of us represent diverse cultural backgrounds, so join us as we journey from Barbados, to Scotland, to Yemen and finally to Pakistan to meet artists from our culture.

Lion and the Mouse
retrieved from – Rhema

Christopher R. L. Chandler

I, Rhema, chose this artist because he is responsible for one of the most iconic drive-by murals on the East Coast of my homeland. Famous for his murals and 3D art, my favourite piece is The Lion and the Mouse mural located in Paris Hill, St. Joseph Barbados. The bright, bold and colourful mural is painted, carved and plastered on limestone cement wall (what the island is made of). The message of the mural is that we all depend on one another no matter size or status!

retrieved from Barr's Facebook page
retrieved from Barr’s Facebook page – Heather

Shona Barr

This Scottish artist was born in Glasgow, Scotland and I (Heather) chose her because I was instantly drawn in by her use of vibrant colours to depict primarily landscapes. Barr is interested in the relationship between abstraction and representation, where abstract markings come together to create an image. I like abstract art because you don’t need to have great artistic skill to create something which is why I think she would be a great artist to feature in a classroom.


Fuad Al-Futaih

I, Nejood, chose this Yemen artist known for his paintings, sculptures, etching metals art, murals, silk-screening and graphics. His art bravely portrays women and challenges societies in Yemeni culture, which has quite a religious and patriarchal view of genders. One of my favourite paintings includes a woman sitting in the midst of beautiful colours and patterns that remind me of the traditional dresses and vibrant patterns I grew up around. Although globally recognized, Yemeni societies do not value the arts like most western cultures. Remember that art is depicted differently across cultures!

Retrieved from artist- Nimra

 Usman Khalid 

I, Nimra, chose Usman Khalid who is a young emerging artist and dear friend from Islamabad, Pakistan. Usman finds himself to be a keen admirer of the details and intricacies that surround him. He believes that artwork can never achieve completion as there is always room for so much more, but the process the artwork goes through to achieve completion, may prove to be enough. The painting chosen is one of Usman’s favourites, capturing the uncertainty that is brought forth while exploring the self. It encompasses evolving, growing and transforming as an individual.


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