Hello Beautiful World!

Welcome everyone to our online debut! Our names are Heather, Nejood, Nimra, and Rhema and we are Early Childhood Studies students at Ryerson University.This blog is an ongoing representation of the learning and “arting” that our group has been doing throughout our creative arts course. We’re new to blogging and we are novice artists but we hope the blogs content will be interesting and that our masterpieces (blogs 5-8) will WOW you! This blog can be used as a tool for future early childhood educators, current educators as well as parents and caregivers.

Rhema Corbin: An international student from Barbados. I only recently moved to Canada as I began this degree at Ryerson. My dream is to take the knowledge I have gained back to Barbados to open my own learning centre one day. Before taking this creative arts class I really had no prior knowledge on visual arts or even being “creative”. I’ve learned that opening yourself up to new things can be easy, rewarding and FUN! Contact: rhema.corbin@ryerson.ca

Nejood Hamshari: Aspiring Early Childhood Educator and working in the field at Ryerson University. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, and currently working and living in Toronto. My vision is to link theory to learning and practice by building a childcare centre in my hometown dedicated to proving affordable, accessible, and high quality child care practices. Through my work, I have had experience with diverse families and children from toddlers to kindergarteners.  I am inspired by children everyday, as their perseverance and innovation sever seize to amaze me. One of the many wonders of teaching is watching children develop and grow even more capable, creative, intelligent, and admirable.  Contact: nejood.hamshari@ryerson.ca

Nimra Khan: Raised in Pakistan, and recently moved to Toronto in order to study Early Childhood education. Working with children has inspired me to work towards making an impact on individuals lives. I believe that it is neccessary to provide children with an environment that can foster their naturally inquisitive selves. Taking this creative arts course has opened my mind to the endless possibilities of art and the meaningful expressions it can contain. The open ended nature of art can ensure that children are given a medium of expression or communication in which there is no WRONG! Contact: nimra.khan@ryerson.ca

Heather McFarlane: Born and raised in Oakville Ontario I lived in a traditional family home with a mother, father, brother and a dog. During my time at Ryerson I have had many opportunities to work with children in my placements. I have worked in a traditional kindergarten classroom, a special needs school, Sickkids Hospital, and finally an infant classroom at a childcare centre. Outside of school I do a lot of private, at home child care including my work every summer with a lovely couple and their two girls. When I began the program at Ryerson I didn’t really know how deep my love for children was until I started learning more and more about their development. Children are incredible and much more capable than adults give them credit for. I feel that it is important to create a learning environment where children feel safe to be silly, ask questions and take risks. Contact: heather_mc182@hotmail.com


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